Fortnite Reimagined As A 1990’s MS-DOS Game

Fortnite Reimagined As A 1990's MS-DOS Game

This can be a video from Youtuber Squirrel-Monkey’s Wonders Of The World Vast Net collection reimagining Fortnite as a 1990’s MS-DOS recreation, identical to the title says. It…doesn’t look as enjoyable as the present model, though I am positive if this had actually existed within the 90’s I might have lapped it up like ice cream off the ground. “Wait — you eat ice cream off the floor?” My canine taught me. “You’re sick.” Who rescued who?

Maintain going for the video. Some strong shit-talking at 1:58.

Because of Christopher C, for uplifting me to spend the final 30 minutes enjoying Duke Nukem in an internet browser.