Guy Builds A Functional LEGO Technic Metronome

It is a video demonstration of the LEGO Technic metronome constructed by Mr. Smith of Youtube channel Mr. Smith’s LEGO Fashions. It even has an adjustable scale you possibly can change by sliding the burden (on this case a Technic automotive wheel) down the pendulum. For these of you unfamiliar, a metronome is a gnome that lives within the metropolis, not like its nation backyard dwelling brethren. “You’re a hoot, GW.” Belief me, your dad and mom are going to like that one.

Preserve going for the video whereas I reminisce fondly about placing a banana on the metronome Jojo the monkey makes use of to play the piano within the Bloody Lip Bar And Grill on Scabb Island in Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge so he freezes and you may put him in your pocket and SPOILER: later use him as a monkey wrench to cease the waterfall and uncover the passage to Rum Roger Jr.’s cottage on Phatt Island and accumulate one other map piece.

Due to Alan, who retains musical time with the solar and should play the slowest songs ever.

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