Video Of A New Fancy-Dancing Bird Of Paradise With Iridescent Plumage Caught Trying To Impress A Lady

This can be a video of a newly acknowledged species of bird-of-paradise (the Vogelkop Excellent bird-of-paradise) from Papua, New Guinea making an attempt to impress a woman with a flowery dance and his iridescent plumage. Admittedly, these have been some strong dance strikes. The feminine shouldn’t be impressed although and flies off. I can not say I blame her, the iridescent plumage on his face makes him appear to be some type of creepy phantom chook. And who needs to boost a household with a ghost chook? Why are you elevating your hand?

Hold going for the video.

Because of Marissa, who agrees he ought to actually study the electrical slide if he is making an attempt to select up chicks.