Well That's Not Good: Grandpa Riding His Mobility Scooter Down Highway


As a result of lucid minds do not final without end, this can be a fairly saddening video of an grandpa driving his mobility scooter down the freeway in Lengthy Seaside, California. Some extra information whereas I attempt to contact this outdated man’s caretakers and inform them to not imagine him the following time he says, “I’m just popping down to the corner store for some prunes to loosen my bowels.”:

“It’s a Saturday morning. I am with my buddies and we are sitting in my truck in the left-hand turn lane. I look to the left and randomly see some senior citizen in a scooter making a right hand turn onto the highway just cruising at like 10 miles an hour. Cars are whipping around him, and we are just cracking up because this dude has no idea or care about how dangerous or crazy this looks to all the cars around him.”

Granted there is a very slim risk he isn’t truly senile and simply misses the texture of the open highway and the wind in his dentures and would not care if he will get hit by a automotive as a result of he would not have a lot time left in any case and is bored with spending it watching reruns of outdated westerns he is already seen 1,000,000 occasions and weren’t that good to start with. I am sorry, am I projecting? You have gotta get me out of right here. “What are you doing in an old folk’s home?!” I got here to learn tales and stayed for dinner — now I’ve acquired a room they usually will not let me go away! Sponge baths are cool although in the event that they’re mild, so do not crash the tank by my wall till after 2:30.

Preserve going for the video.

Because of hairless, who agrees all people deserves to cruise.

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